Training & Seminars


Lives Transformed run courses and training seminars to promote healing and wholeness in the lives of people. These are conducted throughout New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia and have impacted many lives throughout the world.






Please note that all seminars come with their own manual. The seminars below are also available as a condensed mini One-Day seminars upon request.



[10-Week Course]

Discovery deals with the insight and understanding of mental and emotional health. Each two and half hour session involves teaching, processing and group discussions in order to facilitate a healing process. This course begins to lay the foundation of how the mind works. One of the key processes is to help delegates to discover their true identity.

Lives Transformed

[10-Week Course]

Also available as a mini one day seminar.

Lives Transformed gives an understanding of stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse. These areas affect a large percentage of people across the world. This course provides strategic interventions to alleviate pain and dysfunction. This is one of the key areas Kathy specialises in.

Relationships Transformed

[10-Week Course]

Relationships Transformed lays down the fundamentals of healthy relationships with others. Many lives have been damaged by dysfunctional families. This course explores the developmental stages, as well as the roles and themes of the family. This is suited for anybody who wants to have an understanding of how their past affects their relationships today.

Mind Transformed

[Coming Soon]

This seminar will give an understanding of depression, suicide and addictions...

 Watch this space, as the new manual is currently being written.