Neurological Insights and Processes


Neurological Insights and Processes explores neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, functions and processes of the brain. It examines therapeutic processes to facilitate emotional and physical healing. It provides spiritual and emotional insights, so people can learn to fly with two wings and create a healthy authentic self. It explores the wiring of the brain and the impact of chemicals. It facilitates a pathway of rewiring the brain.

Neurological Insights and Processes facilitate the healing of anxiety, stress, trauma, depression and addictions. It defines the insights and concepts of therapeutic researchers and explores therapeutic modalities and processes of facilitating emotional resilience. It provides tools, strategies and skills for emotional and relational health. It facilitates people to make wise choices which impacts on behaviour. This neuroscience manual provides insights and processes of creating healthy relationships and a resilient life-style.

Neurological Insights and Processes includes the following areas:
• Neurological Understanding of the Brain    
• Neurological Development of a Child’s Brain
• Function of the Emotional Brain
• Insights for Emotional Health    
• Renovation of the Mind    
• Interventions for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and Depression
• Research, Therapeutic Modalities, Glossary of the Brain

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