Transformed Life


Lives are shaped by the family of origin, significant others and defining life events. These impact on emotions, thinking and actions. Every person is born with imperfection and as a result creates defensive systems to protect their vulnerable anxious self. This activates shame based feelings, of not being good enough and guilt feelings when a person feels they have violated preset expectations. Safe family environments help create healthy functioning lives and are vital for the establishing of self-value/worth and self-acceptance. Unsafe family environments create maladaptive ways of coping with the complexities of life. The unconditional love of Father God provides the healing platform for the imperfections and insecurities of people and a pathway to wholeness

Transformed Life is a teaching manual that explores:
• Understanding Wholeness
• Guilt, Shame and Conscience
• Anxious Vulnerable Self
• Rejection
• Protective Defence Mechanisms
• Walking in Truth
• Healing Processes
• Relationship with God

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