Addictions Transformed


Addictions have a dramatic effect on the lives of individuals, families and society. These can include addictions to drink, drugs, sugar, technology, gambling and others. Addictions impact on crime, accidents, fatalities, finance and loss of jobs. They have a detrimental effect on emotional and physical health. The impact on families can be traumatising and can result in life-time scars. It is a global problem that needs a pathway of interventions, recovery and healing. The good news is that there is a pathway of recovery but the addict needs to have the desire and motivation to pursue this pathway. This is difficult because the addiction has often become their reward system. This needs replacing to provide a life-style which provides healthy relationships, improved emotional and physical health, greater job opportunities and hope for the future.

Addictions Transformed explores the following topics:
• Understanding Addictions
• Drugs and Consequences
• Specific Addictions
• Teens and Addictions
• Wise Choices
• Healing Addictions
• Interventions and Recovery Process
• Biblical Keys

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