Acronyms That Transform Lives


Acronyms That Transform Lives contains 76 acronyms that use the concepts of repetition, metamorphosis and neuroplasticity. These facilitate the rewiring and renovation of the mind and enable a person to rewire their perceptions, feelings, thinking, core-beliefs, choices and actions. To assist with understanding and applying these processes they have been translated into acronyms. This manual will take a person on a journey that will transform their lives by the application of simple acronyms.

Acronyms That Transform Lives explores:
• Regulating Emotions
• Adjusting Feelings and Thinking
• Action to Reduce Distorted Fear
• Principles for Healthy Living
• Vibrant Chemicals of the Brain
• Creating New Habits
• Actioning a Dream
• Resolving Injustices
• Enhancing Memory
• Shifting Negative Mindsets
• Rewiring Past Trauma

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