24 Days to a Transformed Life


24 Days to a Transformed Life focuses on truths that will transform a person’s life bringing healing to the effects of past hurt, shame, guilt and rejection. It provides the keys to create a healthy, functional self, explore the power of language and enable the person to rewrite the script. It teaches the insights that will reshape the authentic self to reflect the original design of a loving creative God.

24 Days to a Transformed Life is a 24 day process that involves a teaching and application page. The person takes the insights and strategies and applies them to their situations, relationships and daily life, through the rewiring of perceptions and beliefs.  

24 Days to a Transformed Life covers the following topics:
• Effects of the fall
• Authentic self
• Freedom from guilt and shame
• Re-scripting beliefs
• Changing dysfunctional behaviour
• Value of gratitude
• Insights of Father God

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