Addictions Transformed: 24 Days of Insights and Processes


Addictions are any substance or behaviour that become the master of a person’s life. Addictions activate the reward pathways of the brain that produce euphoric feelings and alleviate emotional pain. This results in perpetual cravings and a continual activation of the addictive cycle. To be set free from an addictive patterns a person needs to go on a journey of transformation. This involves detecting distorted emotions, discovering core beliefs, changing toxic thinking and changing addictive behaviour. It involves rewriting the script with accurate core beliefs. It is replacing the addiction with legitimate rewards to create happy feelings. It is developing new choices and actions.

Addictions Transformed: 24 Days of Insights and Processes includes:
• Types of Addictions
• Defence Mechanisms of Addicts
• Power of Beliefs
• Impact of Addictions on Teens
• Processes to Heal Addictions
• Recovery from Addictions
• Spiritual Recovery Keys

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