24 Days to Trauma Transformed


Trauma is a state of powerlessness as a result of a crisis situation. It can be defined as a lack of coping strategies, emotional resources and resilience. Any traumatic experience can cause life-changing effects. The person can be triggered by past traumatic events which impacts on their current thinking, feelings and behaviour.  The person is more vulnerable, anxious and emotionally unprepared to confront their present difficult situations. They need a healing journey. 

24 Days to Trauma Transformed is a journey to identify past trauma and the impact on a person’s life. It gives insights of the effects of trauma, interventions to resolve past trauma and processes to de-active triggers in the person’s current life.

24 Days to Trauma Transformed covers the following topics:
• Defining Trauma
• Time-line of Trauma
• Impact of Trauma
• Resolving Loss and injustices
• Boundaries and Authentic Choice
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Reframing and Resolving Trauma

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