Transforming Lives - Facilitator Manual

This manual is designed for those who attend the Lives Transformed Facilitator Training Seminar.


The Transforming Lives Facilitator Training Manual covers neurological insights, principles of emotional health and keys that will transform lives.  The purpose of the training is to enable the trainees to facilitate the programs and provide the greatest benefits for the participants. It outlines the processes of being able to facilitate a course which includes attending the training for the specific program and completing this program in their own time.

The Facilitator Training seminar will equip them to facilitate any of the following training programs:

  • 24 Days of Insights and Processes Series
    • Addictions Transformed
    • Depression Transformed
    • Flying With Two Wings: Spiritual and Emotional Health
    • Relationships Transformed for Intimate Relationships
    • Stress Free Life
    • Transformed Life
    • Trauma Transformed
  • Personalities: The Authentic Self
  • Enhancing Children and Teens Well-being
  • 30 Acronyms That Transform Lives

For more information on this training seminar please contact Kathy.

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