Transforming Children and Teens


Transforming Children and Teens is a manual designed to equip parents, teachers, social workers and carers with insights and processes to create emotional well-being for children and teens. Lives are shaped by the family of origin, significant others and defining events. A fundamental need of a person is to be intimately connected with others. Often in families this need is in deficit because of inconsistent and neglectful parenting. The emotional neglect of a child can have devastating and traumatic effects. It can result in emotional detachment and the inability of the individual to
connect intimately with others as they progress through life. A safe place is needed for children and teens to find acceptance and nurture as they learn how to establish connections with others in a healthy way.

Transforming Children and Teens provides a neurological understanding of the development of children and provides insights and strategies that lead to the healthy and emotional well-being of children and teens.

Transforming Children and Teens explores:
• Neurological Development of Children and Teens
• Impact of Trauma and Abuse
• Development and Emotional Disorders
• Insights and Interventions for Self-Harm and Suicide
• Teen Behaviour and Addictions
• Wisdom for Parents and Teachers

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