Enhancing Children and Teens Well-being


Enhancing Children and Teens Well-being is a training manual to equip parents, teachers, social workers and carers with the principles of enhancing the lives of children and teens. Children/teens lives are shaped by the family of origin, significant others and defining events. Unsafe family environments create insecure attachments and maladaptive ways of coping with the pressures of life. This can cause eating disorders, self-harming, bullying and addictions to drink and drugs. A fundamental need of people is to be intimately connected in relationship with others. Safe family environments and secure family attachments are vital to create healthy functioning children and teens.

Enhancing Children and Teens Well-being includes:
• Neurological Development of Children and Teens
• Exploring Family Dynamics
• Emotional Health
• Enhancing Self-Value
• Teen Behaviour: Insights and Strategies
• Eating Disorders and Self harming
• Wisdom and Parents and Teachers

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