24 Days to Hope: Depression Transformed


Depression is activated by feelings of sadness, loss and injustices of loss. Negative thinking, self-pity, self-rejection, despondency, anger, low moods and passivity are contributing factors and symptoms of depression. These need to be confronted and challenged to lead a person from a low, depressed state to hope. The person needs to go on a journey of grieving legitimate loss, confronting injustices and changing mindsets to discover purpose and optimism for their future.

The 24 Days to Hope journey explores insights that caused depression and strategic interventions to create more positive mindsets. These involve discovering the root of depressed feelings, confronting negative thinking and exploring ways to make lifestyle changes.

24 Days to Hope includes the following topics:
• Causes and Effects of Depression
• Self-acceptance and Self-value
• Exploring Loss and Sadness
• Injustices and Depression
• Re-scripting Negative Thinking
• Healthy Living
• Values and Purpose

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