24 Days to a Transformed Marriage


Marriage is a journey that involves many seasons of life.  Most people begin the journey with hopes and dreams for the future with strong emotional attachments and romantic feelings of love. However even the most sincere of intentions can be thwarted by the complexity of uniting two diverse lives together and limited emotional resources to cope with difficult situations such as financial, health and sexual intimacy issues.

24 Days to a Transformed Marriage is a journey to understand personal needs and how these can be met. It is discovering love languages and how to express these in words and actions. It is learning skills of communication and how to resolve conflict in a harmonious way.

24 Days to a Transformed Marriage includes some of the following topics:
• Keys to a Loving Marriage
• Needs and Expectations
• Sexual intimacy
• Stress and Pressure
• Expectations and Frustration
• Communication
• Conflict Resolution
• Healthy Relationships

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